'And still, here I am, standing in the force of 10,000 winds. I'm surprised my greatness hasn't scorched the first 8 rows in this packed auditorium'


'ULTRA' is an autobiographical tale of a superhero living in Northwest London. We follow ULTRA’s unique journey, from bullying victim in high school to conquering giant saving our planet, with the appearance of some familiar faces along the way. Like Mario and his brother, who ULTRA meets selling mushrooms on a run-down estate.


The novella quickly transforms into a philosophical piece, touching on excessive use of hidden identities and the overall condition of mankind.


It is subtitled ‘The Hypeness Project’ as Anderson set himself a task to write a book in a ridiculously short space of time – just twelve days, although he completed it in eight – due to the constant disappointment of never seeing projects to completion. The first run of ULTRA sold out in just 28 days.


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