I’m so sick of having these ‘amazing ideas’ that never end up materialising… my gosh. I would plan and plan and plan…talk and talk about it some more until the ‘hype’ for it dies down – eventually making an ‘amazing’ idea a dead one. So then I came up with another amazing idea…


18TH - 29TH OCTOBER 2010

This was the dawning of the age of the hypeness.


I needed to create something  –  something that would normally take months to finish, but in the space of a few days.  And to make it even more epic, why not tell everyone on my Facebook and Blackberry contact list that I’m doing it – that way you can not back down from the project (unless you want to look like a loser amongst your mates). It seemed like an amazing idea! So I talked about it and talked about it until it was time to start writing. But unlike the other ‘amazing ideas’ the hype on this project did not hype-down. I think it is because I set myself a task to write an entire novella in the space of twelve days – without any hard-core planning. I mean, I knew a lot about comic books and I knew a bit about myself. So I thought ‘hey, why not write an autobiography but in the eyes of a superhero?’ Simples.


So the moment the clocks hit 00:00am on the eighteenth of October, I began writing the book you hold in your hands now. I found myself

writing on the trains and buses. I wrote a little here when I was on my way to college, and a little there when I was about to go to bed. During the space of the twelve days I learnt these three lessons:


Number One:

It is not about word count. It is about getting your point across.


Number Two:

In order to be a good writer you must first develop a love for reading.


And Number Three…

…Writer’s block is for losers.


My goal was to write an entire novella in the space of twelve days - I ended up writing it in eight. I must say this is one of my proudest

achievements thus far. And seeing that this Hypeness Project is such an amazing success – maybe I should do more in the future. But hey, it’s not just something I want to do exclusively. It would be nice to see what

other people can do in a short space of time. All the ‘amazing ideas’ I had previously are still good ideas, but are a complete waste of time if not shaken together with ‘amazing execution’. And that is all.


- So without further ado -


Ladies and Gentlemen, make yourselves cosy as I introduce to you my first Hypeness Project:







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