And still, hold your applause ladies and

gentlemen. I still have one more thing to show you.


There I stood in the courtroom. Broken law after broken law, the judge spoke flames, burning my pride from where he stood. My shirt and tie sprung no interest to the fuming judge. My head pounded screams of regret and torment. I committed a felony that no man would forgive me for. There I stood stained with years of selfish pleasure. The empire I built, came tumbling down in a bat of an eyelid. The choices were these: I could either pay a large fine for the damage I caused or I could face the death penalty. That is when my heartbeat ceased circulation and my hair colour went from black to white. I wasted all of my resources - I wasted my life. There was no way I could pay a fine as large as this. The death penalty was my only option.


Slam! Storming through the doors came this man of whom I know not. With a large briefcase in his hand, he walked to the judge in the upmost confidence. The fume of the judge was quenched as the gentleman approached him. Speaking to him in a still small voice, the judge’s face went from that of a judge, to that of a proud father. The man left the large briefcase where he stood and walked back through the doors.


The judge, staring at the briefcase then back at me asked ‘do you know what this is?’ Still with my head to the floor I refused to reply. ‘This stranger has kindly paid your debts, you are free to leave’.


Still in denial, I kept my head to the floor. ‘Keep your head up’ the judge commanded. I slowly lifted my head towards the judge, shocked to find him smiling. Pointing to the door he then again said ‘you are free to leave’. In confusion, I ran out of the courtroom to find the stranger who sweet-talked my judge. I needed to thank him; I needed repay the offer somehow. I ran through the corridors frantically finding a man that looked remotely like him. I ran out of the building desperately looking high and low. And there I saw him. With force I paced towards him, screaming ‘stop’ just to catch his attention. As I got close enough I grabbed him by his garment. He wasn’t my brother, or my cousin, or my best friend. I did not recognise his face. But this man just paid my fine so he must know me from somewhere. When I asked for a name he replied: Born of the Virgin Mary in a Bethlehem manger. My name is Jesus - The God incarnate.


The King Of Kings

The Lord Of Lords


And on the cross He laid. With a false criminal record forged upon Him, He was nailed there bang in the middle between two thieves. With every breath, He pulls His badly bruised body from the plank of wood He was nailed upon. The five-inch nail pierces through His hands and feet, stained with the blood that stays a priceless commodity for the wealth of mankind. Crucifixion, a method used to scare the locals into being obedient to the laws of the land. Jesus laid there, a supposed example of what not to be like.


A million things can run through your mind when being nailed to a tree. You could think about one of Your closets disciples publicly denying you three times. You could recollect the feeling You felt when Your friend sold You for thirty shekels of silver  –  the same price as an injured slave. You could imagine teaching thousands of people the gospel, and where they bowed down before You, a week later they stand in discuss crying ‘crucify him!’ Thoughts grow even stronger when You remember finding yourself next to a murderer, and the public chose You out of the two to be put to death. A million things can run through ones mind when nailed to the tree.


I know that I was on His.


Jesus only came so that He may bridge the gap between the creator and the creation. As He travelled the cities and towns, many followed Him in admiration. But darkness and Light cannot dwell in the same room. So conflict arose, they smote Jesus on the cheek and told Him to turn the other. Even in their prosperity, these people would be fools to deny that there was a God-sized void in them waiting to be filled. Jesus presented Himself as the ambassador of heaven, but the people thought otherwise. They accused Him of blasphemy and nailed Him to a cross. They yearned for God for so long, but killed the very image of Him when He stepped into their midst. They celebrated His statement of being regal by putting a crown of thorns unto His head and a purple robe for His fleshy wounds. And here lays a worn man bloodied with the phrase ‘JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS’ hanged above His head.


Little did they know, Jesus, with the power to leave, stayed on the cross for them. Little did they realise, Jesus was standing in the gap. He was taking the death penalty for our sins without complaint or murmuring. ‘It is finished’ He cried. Hanging His head, Jesus died being a hated criminal.


To the depths he descended, not empty handed, but with the keys of Life and death. Death tried to take hold on the King but had no power to. The first man in history to die with no sin. Hell could not contain His awesomeness. Three days later, people gave witnesses of seeing a man travel the land with holes in His hands. By His own power, He managed to raise Himself up from the dead. Death stood no match for a king of this calibre. From earth, He arose to heaven, again by His own power, to stand in a court of law.


And there we were, with our sins chiselled in stone. Jesus, like a lawyer pleaded our case vigorously. With the debt of his life, Jesus was proven to be a worthy sacrifice. Because of His blood, our sins were washed. Jesus dropped the charges.


Who can be compared to my King?

Who can withstand the weight His name holds?


Now grab your nails and let’s crucify Him again.

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