I would have likened my attributes to that of Bat-man’s.

The only thing is, I stay more super than he.



Where are your costumes ladies and gentlemen? Pull them out from under your beds. Now don’t be in pretence, my dear readers. You have your cloaks somewhere in the closet.


Supers wear masks to conceal their identity. Spideyman does it.

Bat-man does it. It’s so that the public could never pick them off on their way to work, or ask them to save their cat while shopping at ASDA. They cover their faces because they do not want their true identity to be seen. But why can’t they be super all of the time?


They have abilities that extend beyond the natural, so why deny the world of that? Why not save the world in your pyjamas? Yeah, I would like to see one of these supers save the day with only a bathrobe and some boxer shorts on. No mask. No secrets. Just you. But being transparent before the public would mean that these supers would never get rest. They would always have a problem to solve; they would always be needed. So they put these masks on, and fly across our towns like mystical creatures. The public revere them, and appreciate it every time a super busts a crime scene. It works for the supers.


When the mask is taken off, and the real them is revealed, they can walk from one side of town to the next without being noticed. That is the way it has always been - and that is the way it shall stick.


But back to the matter, show me your costumes.


Is it pink and blue?

Red and green?


Does it have sparkly crystals and glitter stuck on the sleeves? Don’t be shy, dear readers; show them to me. I have one, or I had one but I burnt it, or I am burning it. My costume appears and reappears. It’s like a magical suit - but black magic. So every time it forms I burn it instantly with a scorching fire. I’m ULTRA, but unlike these other supers, my face stays untouched.


The reason why the world is the way it is, is because we lack transparency. We take life as one big stage act and put on our costumes,

acting in a manner that battles against our true nature. We may not consider ourselves to be superheroes, but we dress up daily just like they do. Nails, make-up and false personalities are our attire.


And so, we go to work, church and school with a costume that does not personify us correctly.


Supers wear costumes to live two lives. What makes it worse for us is that we have more than two costumes. It is known as the teaching of compartmentalising. Think of a glove compartment, it’s a handy device that helps you keep all of your personal belongings into one purposeful space. As human beings, we do not treat life like life, we treat it as episodes.


We treat our lives like the issues of a comic book, in segments, each part of our story requiring a different costume. We have costumes for school, education, faith, family and relationships. For some backwards reason we wear multiple costumes on a daily basis. In an act of madness, we try to please everyone.


Before our parents, we stay the goody-two-shoes, before the Mandem we become Mandem. Before his boss he is the hard working employee, but

before his wife he is the lazy romantic. We continue this lifestyle of changing costumes until one day a fuse blows in our brain. Depression kicks in, and we begin to muddle up our costumes between

lifestyles. The people around us call it a ‘rough patch’ but we know we have just hit that breaking point when we do not know who we are anymore. The sad thing is, most of the people in this pretty blue planet do not know who they are. That is when riots occur; hell breaks loose. We end up mentally breaking down because of our compartmentalising and we expect these ‘supermen’ to come and save us. These same ‘supermen’, mind you, who are living multiple lives they same way we are.


That is why I try to burn my costumes on a daily basis no matter how magical they appear. Transparency is key if you want to stay sane. And I won’t lie; fear tries to take hold of me every time I attempt to burn my outfits. Once I show my true identity, there is no turning back, dear readers. But despite what people may say, I show the real me proudly. And by my boldness others may also burn their costumes. Burn with me!


Bonfire night dear readers!



We stay transparent, with no need to change outfits.

Changing outfits like Clark Kent running into the phone box.


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