Sometimes it is only at the place of

weakness where the enemy makes his full appearance.


He showed himself strong, in the forces of ten thousand souls. This monstrous man shadowed over me like the imprisoning cells of estate

tower blocks. His appearance was that of a four footed beast. His teeth drooled vengeance and his mouth was oozing with bitterness. With each heartbeat, my surroundings quake. His heavy breathing emits fear, enough to fill a casket with.


‘I know you’ I said in recollection. I left you back in the classroom back in my high schools days. We used to speak hourly, back then he was more puny than mighty. I stopped fighting with him a long time ago; it is funny how our paths can cross once more.


He screams a scream that could quicken the heavy-eyed. He began to chant chants about his achievements. He has destroyed some of the strongest men; he has brought to naught the walls of kings. For the years we have been apart, he has been going to and fro, devouring the

greatest of heroes. With a mighty rush of the right arm he flung me to a brick wall. He packed a punch mightier than anyone I have ever fought.


The monster was going to kill me.


But this monster failed to realise who I was. I spent months in the wilderness going through tests with little to no rations. I conquered battles and wars using nothing but my bare words. I have wrestled with some demons and came out with a few scratches. Look at my battle scars. I got knocked down a few times, but I bounced back roaring. I had to change my whole regime of training. Now I am back full and fuming.


I had to show this monster I was no longer the insecure kid from North West London. I’m strong now. I have lost some matches but I have won much more. I had to show this monster that where he would win before, he would not take me alive this time around.


He brings me to my past and magnifies my failures. He shows me how

pathetic I was then, and goes on to explain how I am pathetic now.

That is when I stopped listening.


At the speed of sight I yanked his arm off. I took a blow to the face but I ripped through the flesh of his chest. He swung at me with his left hand; I ducked and dived. He tried to kick with his left foot. I held it. I popped it out of location.


Now my enemy lies on the floor in agony, still screaming his scream. He is still reminding me of my past - still making a mockery. With the sharpness of my mouth, I sliced off every ligament from the monster’s body. With my words, I dissected the enemy into bite-size chunks. With every ounce of oxygen, he still found ways to taunt me.


So it was off with his head.

Off with this mindset.

Oh what a carnage.


The enemy was I.


It was me, but the past me. It’s known as the duality of man. With every good I perform, there is another man inside of me that disapproves. The good and the bad war inside of me night and day. The good in me wants to lead this generation but the bad in me seeks selfish gain. And it seems that every time I want to reach a new place in my life, this monster strongly shows himself.


If I seek progress I must first slay my arch enemy, me. I am the biggest obstacle in my path. I had desires for the good of mankind, but could never execute them because I was in the way. So if it be the case, I slay me. I butcher myself before you dear readers - a glorified massacre. I do so that my selfish intentions are out of the way, and I can make a way for those who need guidance. Oh the glory of sincere leadership, to take a people from this soiled land and lead them to a more heavenly platform.


Have our feet resting on cloudy carpets and all sorts...

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