I will not lie though. The tights do suit him.


Years later, I made myself a new man. The puny prep kid back in my high school years has been left behind. I find myself a new voice and a new way of thinking. I am brand spanking new baby! Even so, it’s funny how the things you leave behind a long time ago come back to smack you across the face years after.


The story continues when I looked on the news and all I was hearing about was various sightings of a web slinging human being. Amateur photographers would catch briefly the movement of this mysterious

crusader. Shots would be caught with his knees  hitting his chest in mid air- hovering over the boroughs of London city. He is the astonishing, he is the amazing, he is the all-daring, depth-defying daredevil – the Spideyman


I paid the clown no mind. At that time, I was trying hard to make it into the media business. Luckily enough my work was being published in various magazines, which got me noticed by London’s largest creative agency Believe Media. I aced my interview, and two weeks later, I was a young photographer at the Daily Bundle, Believe Media’s premium newspaper.


The media industry is just like the high school hierarchy system. You cannot just take all of the major pictures; you are going to have to work your way up the ranks. You may find yourself taking pictures of rescued cats for a good five years. Luckily for me, I got my break quite early.


I remember walking into Mr Green’s office on my first day of work. Him, in the upmost seriousness, throws me a blurred photograph and tells these memorable words. ‘I don’t know you son, and you don’t know me. But what I do know is that I want my pictures and you want your money. I’ll give you double pay for the month only if you get me some good pictures of this’. I analyse these blurred photographs in intensity. The black figure in the middle of the mass white looks like a human figure but it is too hard to tell. The figure resembles that of a man but also that of... a spider.


Do you know when I wrote about the past slapping you across the face? This is the part where it starts to burn.


My next few days were spent taking pictures of Spideyman. He did the dip and dive. He did the tuck and roll. I went from borough to borough

chasing this punk, hoping to capture the money shots. I snapped with the wide-angle lens, I snapped with the zoom. I tried to take every shot

possible. And to make things worse, it felt like he was aware of my presence. It was almost as if he was posing for the camera, flaunting his stuff in front of my lens. Is this clown mocking me? There were times when I wanted to javelin through my Nikon to a place where it would hurt the guy  –  but Spidey was lucky my priorities were set on the images.


I place my money shots on Mr.Green’s table with a smile on my chubby chase. Mr.Green never looked at them. ‘We already have the shots we need’ he said abruptly. In utter shock I gasped. ‘Whom?’ I thought to myself.


Moments later, I could hear the creaking of the floorboards from behind me. The creaking sounded that it belonged to a flat-footed shoe, size 8, possibly a Gregory slipper - and there was only one person who wore Gregory slippers. I turned around and there he was in all his glory.


Broken specs, freckled face, turkey slice remains on his chequered shirt. There stood Peter Parker, looking the same as how I left him, but this time with a smug grin locked on his face.



I failed to realise that because of the recession, The Daily Planet and The Daily Bugle joined forces with Believe Media to create The

Daily Bundle. That means all of the staff from the other newspapers now work for Mr Green. I failed to realise that Peter Parker gave up science and became a photographer. So even if I climb the highest skyscraper, it would never be as close and personal as the pictures Peter would take of himself.


The money was lost, so I gathered my equipment and walked home. No, I never said a word to Pete, why would I?


Many things have changed in my life since high school but it hasn’t for Pete. The thing about Pete is that his securities lie in his suit. Without the suit, he is simply insecure, but with the suit, he is bold and boisterous. Without the suit he can’t say a word to Mary Jane, with the suit, Mary Jane can’t take her eyes off him. Peter Parker’s powers lay not in his superhuman abilities but in his suit. When he takes the red spandex off, he is still a superhero, but he fails to understand that truth.


When I see Pete being Pete, shy and insecure, that is not his alter ego, he is demonstrating how he actually feels without his costume. He fiends off spandex. So from his example I have learnt to never put my trust in the exterior attire. Spideyman, like the other supers I have met, is far from super.


You took my photographs,

You idiotic adolescent.


In heightened rage, I stormed down the streets of my estate in the pitch darkness. Only the street lamps were giving a faint glow to follow. Wait, what is this I see? A gang of youths distressing a damsel while she waits for a bus. The female holds on to her purse in tears while the young hooligans surround, violently tugging pieces of her

garment. ‘I’m not having any of this’ I said to myself.


With super-speed I ran to stop it all…. but he beat me to it.


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