We all have them. There has never been a super in the course of time that has not carried this trait. It’s embedded in our make-up and will kill us if not dissected. Weakness. Every super hero has a weakness and it is funny to think that with all their super-strength, their weakness can be used against them to crush even the greatest of men.


As mentioned before, I stay transparent. As risky as it may seem, I am willing to share with you all my weakness. Yes, even your dear ZoOm has a flaw. Would you like to see? I can show you right now. My weakness looks something like this:






























When I keep my mouth closed that is when my weakness is taking effect.












I’m not talking about being a chatterbox or being the guy that always tells a joke. When something needs to be said, and I know full well it can change situations completely, I keep my mouth shut. It’s like seeing your best mate in flames, and you gladly watch with a fire extinguisher in your hands  –  turned off. It’s the fear that grabs me, holds me by the neck and directs me to withhold the truth. It is the fear that makes me consider the aftermath. How would things change after I say the things that need to be said? It’s the fear of losing friends. It’s the fear of losing family. It’s the fear of losing all - just by speaking the truth.


Unlike these supers, my strength lies not in my arms but my mouth. My superpower is my words. With my mouth I can create futures; open and close doors with a few syllables. With my nouns I can move mountains, with my verbs I can crush them. My words carry weight  –  I know this by experience.


I know how it feels to say the truth in love but still lose your love ones. I know how it feels to have a classroom turn against you just because you showed them a side of a coin they have never seen before. I know how it feels to feel like you have lost something. So I keep my mouth shut.

The truth hurts, so I would rather let my people swaddle themselves in a deception. And there I would stand, with the blood of ten thousand men on my shoulders. Can I accept that as my fate dear readers? Speak up.


We all have weaknesses that plague us. The script is flipped however, when we take our weaknesses for strength.


Think about kryptonite - a greenish sharpish stone, originated from the planet Krypton. Now, kryptonite is Super-man’s weakness. On our planet he can fly to amazing heights, but if he comes anywhere near an ounce of kryptonite, Super-man is no longer super. He is just man. It took something from his homeland to kill him.


It is the very thing we hold dear to us; the very thing that is closest to home that can kill us. We carry bags of kryptonite in our rucksacks daily. We dabble in bedspreads and pillows stuffed with it. Our Kryptonite is our comfort. We love it so much so that we can become self-absorbed. Self-absorbed, so much so that it cripples us. And when we are supposed to save the world, we are too busy saving ourselves.


In order to move forward we must put away the weaknesses we take pleasure in.


But I refuse to have any weakness put against me. I cannot be afraid. I must seize this moment. For if I hold my peace now I will always be fearful. I will open my mouth and proclaim the truth unapologetically. That way no man can crush me. No enemy can finish me.


My arch enemy would have no upper hand.

My arch enemy will fall to pieces.

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