Written shortly after the contemplative novella ‘MAD AS HELL’ ZoOm shocked a few with the sudden release of his first illustrated work ‘THE BAKEHOUSE’.


Derived from the Christian prayer ‘give us this day our daily bread’ ‘THE BAKEHOUSE’ paints us a vivid picture of an notorious bread factory hovering over planet earth, delivering bread to those who simply ask for it. This bread is described as a supplement that can aid anyone in any situation throughout a day. This discovery is found by the two main characters, Kristian, a child living in an estate in South London, and Emmanuel, a war child surviving in unspeakable conditions in Uganda. This illustrated book captures the conversations of both children as they pray simultaneously. We discover how their lives retract in some respect, but at the same time show great resemblance through the power of prayer.


This project was a collaboration between ZOOM4YOU and Release potential, an organisation that raises awareness of persecuted Christians around the world.


For the detailed background story of THE BAKEHOUSE click here.

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