“It is perhaps one of the most authentic representations of a generation who are hyper aware, and ready for change…”
-The Independent


'Brilliantly erratic'
- iD Magazine


'It's filled with surreal graphic imagery and has an almost verse like structure... make way for a new generation of writers ready to shout until they are heard'
- Dazed & Confused Magazine


19-year-old Londoner Andre ZoOm releases his latest addition to the ‘Hypeness Project’ collection, with his Keitai novel ‘Manifesto,’ a book written entirely on his mobile phone in less than a month.


Acting as a call to creative action for the nation’s young and disillusioned, Manifesto was written in rapid response to England’s rage and riots seen over the summer. Asking us to coldly consider the way we tackle youth problems, Manifesto is staccato in its statements, raw, fiery and curtly compelling. Calling direct to the renaissance child, Manifesto is a real reminder of the role artists have in today’s hoodwinked society.


Calling his challenge ‘Hyper-Activism’, ZoOm wants life changing methods and moments to be fearlessly instigated over brief moments of time to create fast and forcible change: “If it takes a year, it will take us a month. A month, a week. A week, a day. A day, a breath.”


If you have an interest in world revolution through art, this book is for you.


For the detailed background story of MANIFESTO click here.

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