And so it goes, instead of these projects changing THE world they have changed MY world. I have met amazing people, travelled across the globe, and have attained many life experiences because of the creation of these books.


Admittedly, I have moved on from my teenage ideologies and wish to work on new projects apart from ZOOM4YOU. Instead of leaving these books out of print and unread by many, I felt to make a shrine for these four books online; hence the ZOOM4YOU collection. Have a read through my musings… I pray you thoroughly enjoy them. If you would like to know more about my story (which is a crazy story, I might add) you can read my autobiographical project ‘WEAPONS OF MASS CREATIVITY’.



…and never stop creating.

Andre x


Ello ello! I go by the name of Andre Anderson (formerly known as Andre ZoOm). I am an author, speaker, teacher and artist of sorts. From the ages of around eighteen to twenty-one, I embarked on a journey that led me to create projects I thought would change the world. This resulted in me writing and

self-publishing four books:


1. ULTRA, the autobiography of a teenage superhero living in Northwest London.


2. MAD AS HELL, the streams of an angry teenager’s consciousness.


3. THE BAKEHOUSE, a prayer uttered by two children from opposite sides of the globe.


4. MANIFESTO, an artistic declaration for this generation.





ULTRA: The Hypeness Project written by Andre ZoOm Anderson MAD AS HELL written by Andre 'ZoOm' Anderson
THE BAKEHOUSE written by Andre ZoOm Anderson MANIFESTO written by Andre ZoOm Anderson


Weapons of mass creativity written by Andre ZoOm Anderson


Unfortunately, dear readers, all good things must come to an end. But in saying that, the end of this chapter means the beginning of another. Join me as we embark on this ongoing quest to unlock our creative potential and do a bunch of cool stuff :)